Friday, October 17, 2008

The Mind Of A Champion

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The dictionary has many different definitions of a champion. Two particular definitions I find to be perfect; A champion is defined as a warrior, a person who is superior especially in sports. However you could apply this theory to anything in this life that is a desire of yours, not just sports or a actual warrior.

What is it that makes this possible you ask? How would one become superior to others, or be classified as a warrior? It is mind set; it is the absolute belief in themselves and their cause and the fact that they are bona fide risk takers. They believe they have won the battle before taking a single step. There is absolutely no possible way to gain ground in anything without taking a risk. Champions take every risk necessary in order to be victorious, they have already seen themselves with the spoils, champions take calculated risks to fill the gap between the starting point and the top step of the podium. It is easy to figure out how someone who is willing to risk time, money, physical pain and injury, to chase their dream and become the best, surrounds themselves with people of like mindset. However this does not give them the right to be cruel to others, or to look down their noses at others who have not yet obtained a particular level of success. What it does give them the right to do is to be compassionate to others and be a positive example to others who do not yet possess the championship spirit. If every champion, without fear of his trophy being taken away from him, would do everything possible to inject the champion mindset, we would have more people contributing to a solution and not a problem. A desire for our fellow human beings to succeed is a true indicator of a champion.

If you are a documented champion, please extend your hand to those who have the spark in their eye, please be the accelerant that turns that spark into a flame, and then the flame into a inferno. More champions means more positivity in this world, more positivity in this world means more success, more success means more prosperity, and more prosperity fosters a true belief that we can be victorious!

Get out of your comfort zone and grab hold of your championship. Your motivation and success could help numerous amounts of your fellow human beings become champions!


Best regards to all and may your day be blessed.

Mike Daley

MIKES MONDAY <span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_4">MOTIVATIO</span>

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