Monday, March 24, 2008


Can people believe in your warranty?

What does this mean you may ask; well in the world of business, most companies provide a warranty for their product and service so if there is something that goes array, the customer and product are protected with no additional costs.

We as small business owners must be no different in that respect, but we must provide even better comfort zones than major corporations when it comes to customer service.

As small business owners we should be at eye level with those that have put their trust in us, we can never hide behind a website or hide behind an answering machine.

If something goes wrong, and it sometimes will, we must get in contact with the customer as soon as possible, preferably eye to eye, I know not always practical, but somehow immediately let them know the situation will get fixed.

Too many times the “human element” is removed from customer service, and all we hear are messages prompting us to punch in a number that will allow us to get a new computerized message in regards to how our situation will get fixed, albeit not when we want it too because we have not been assisted by another human being, just a pre- recorded message from one, which rarely is adequate assistance at all.

As owners of businesses, we should never let a phone or computer come between us and a customer, we must never let the sweat running from our brow into our eyes, blind us and prevent us from immediately contacting our customers after we get a message of distress from them.

It is our duty to back up our warranty, our guarantee. When something goes wrong, the customer sees clearly, because of the problem, it is us with the sweat in our eyes. Take a deep breath, wipe the sweat from your eyes, and fix the problem. It will only sting for a little while, for both you and the customer.

Best regards to all and may your day be blessed!

Mike Daley

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mike's Motivation

Yesterday was fantastic and I was filled with excitement and the sense of accomplishment. The air was warm and the breeze light and in it a strong sensation of contribution and gratitude. It was felt by many and the reward was far beyond words. It was something that you could not touch or physically see, but the feeling sank deep in the bones.

What was the reward? True human being care and concern for others and a presentation that encouraged and promoted victory; nothing else, no dollar amount, no huge trophy to carry home, just a warm feeling of knowing others were told of the potential that was seen in them.

Taking an honest look at yourself and recognizing how special you are, will allow you to see the positive energy coming from others and you should let them know, maybe what you tell them will open their eyes to the victory that is eager for their arrival. Victory awaits us all, but we must first believe that ourselves.

In order to have someone you are involved with, believe what you say, they must see it in you first, without your positive energy and life, the things you tell others may be gone in the wind and they may never recognize their potential.

So, tell yourself that you are special, believe it, live it, and use that energy and spread it around to your fellow human beings….that is what the Lord allowed me to do yesterday, and more importantly, I pray that it leads someone else to say “This is what the Lord allowed me to do yesterday”!

Best regards to all and may your day be blessed.

Mike Daley

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mike's Monday Motivation

My current place in this life is a result of my desire to persist.

From the earliest of days, I was shown the best way to survive and succeed; never give up no matter what circumstances bear down on you.

My parents were the best examples of this, they faced adversity many times in their lives, they were faced with life altering situations during my youth, and never did they quit or give up.

My, how I know how hard it was for them to endure these struggles over and over again; after going through many things myself as a adult, I have often reflected on how my parents held themselves together, often times, I wish I would have been as strong as them during my struggles.

I do know however, we react in our own ways, but I thank my Lord that they were as strong as they were during very crucial points in my life. Even in my times of weakness, I remembered how strong they were, and quite honestly, I believe my creator put His strength in their heart and soul so they could be His example in my life. If they had not recognized His love for them, they would not have been able to persist in their quest to ensure my survival, which I believe to be paramount in my success and how I pray for others to succeed.

Having said all of that, the focus is on the Lord and how he persisted, he endured even in the roughest of times, for he went through much more than any of us ever could, he reflected on how his parents provided for him, he relied on the example of his mother and father, and knew they received their strength from above.

Believe and have faith, for your creator has persisted in His quest to get you to where you are now. We are brought to things to make us better, not bitter. Don’t quit, don’t give up, keep going. Your example is just what someone else needs.

Best regards to all and may your day be blessed.

Mike Daley