Monday, April 28, 2008

Living with Gratitude

From the very beginning most of us are taught to be thankful for things we receive and to say “thank you” acknowledging acts of kindness. But are we truly ever taught to be grateful? Do we truly understand what it means to show gratitude?

“Thank you” does not cut it; a phrase made up of two words that often times just becomes the thing to say. Being filled with gratitude is a true expression of how you live your life as a result of being given something and not taking it for granted.

This could cover many things, but in this case I am talking specifically about your life. Are you truly filled with a grateful energy in regards to the life that God has put in your chest, do you even care about it, have you ever even muttered a word of thanks to your creator?

Bottom line is this; there is nothing above God or the Lord, nothing. They sit at the ceiling of the heavens, there is nothing higher. Once we understand that they control everything in our lives, we then can truly live. Everything else on this earth, without them being above all in your life, means nothing. Your business, your money, your home, your family, your cars, etc, mean absolutely nothing, all just a fa├žade, an illusion; your LIFE will be an illusion!

Once you begin to live your life in a way that shows God and the Lord that you are grateful for what they have given you, YOUR LIFE, only then will you understand that nothing else matters. You will then understand that life is not about what other people have or what you don’t; the houses, the cars, money, or so called looks that are appealing to society. Big deal, are all of those material things indicative of a relationship with the Creator? Absolutely not! None of what goes on in anyone else’s life matters.

There is not one possession that can do anything for or against you, they are not relevant. Ranting about things that do not matter will kill you, if you cannot see this for yourself, God will show you, and he does not care what it takes to bring you to your knees to realize that HE is above all.

God and the Lord will bring us to what ever they choose, to make us realize why we are here in the first place; to show them gratitude for all they have done for us and that they are the only ones who can do anything for us, nothing else gives us life!

Go deep and think about being grateful, and when you truly grasp the beauty of this life, don’t just thank your maker, live your life to show him that HE is above all, and I have no doubts my friends, that your life with HIM will let you enjoy what really matters; your life with HIM!

Have a blessed day!

Mike Daley

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Silent Crime

Have you ever wondered what true silence is?

I know your mind is racing right now asking, “What kind of question is this”? Of course you know what it means to be silent, but I am going to take you to another level. The American Heritage Dictionary defines silence as this: 1. The condition or quality of being or keeping silent. 2. The absence of sound; stillness. 3. A period of time without speech or noise. 4. Refusal or failure to speak out; secrecy.

All of the above is very true and I am sure all who read this can actually feel silence, yes; I believe you can close your eyes, with no doubts at all, and actually feel it surround you and absorb the peace it brings. However, there is another definition and another side of silence that I think has been left out and I am going to address it.

From the Dictionary of Michael Daley I present to you a new definition of silence. “The biggest crime”, yes my friends you read that right, sometimes silence is the biggest crime because in certain situations, doing nothing is filled with a stillness that does not favor the well being of others.

Our duty to our fellow human beings sometimes begins with opening our mouths and articulating to someone of authority that something wrong has occurred! If we don’t speak out about something we know will help another person, then we become bystanders in this life, and our existence is filled with the wrong kind of silence, and I believe another crime has occurred.

Failing to properly handle information you have in regards to a crime only adds to the crime rate. Fearful, uncertain, and concerned for what may happen to you or what people will think of you should you speak out? All natural feelings of course, but think of it this way.... If you observed a crime being committed that no one else saw, your involvement may be the only way for it to be solved. If you don’t speak up, another crime will be committed.

We all have the right to be silent, however, look at it this way; if you remain silent in regards to a crime, and the people who may have a problem with you because you spoke out won’t even matter, they will be by the way side soon enough. However, your stillness and lack of noise will forever travel with your thoughts….you will never be able to enjoy silence ever again….. Speak up my friends!!

Best regards to all and may your day be blessed.

Mike Daley

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My journey in this life has included many stops along the way and I am sure you will be able to relate to most, if not all of what I speak of. Reflecting on my times spent at these stops has allowed me to truly grasp why I am here on this earth.

The times I was stopped or maybe I should say delayed, were times of pure struggle, never once was there a stop that provided absolute peace and tranquility, no, every stop was a struggle. Am I saying that my life has been miserable? No, not in the least, but it has stopped at times.

When we get held up by something, it is usually by something uncomfortable, depressing, sad, tragic, loss etc…etc… our forward progress and the ability to do what we truly want in this life is rarely, if ever, put on hold because of something good. These inconveniences, however not clear then, are given to us to make us better, not bitter. If we grasp that, we understand also that we become stronger and become more capable to face things later in life.

I encourage you to realize this the next time you get stopped or are delayed, put your heart into the issue at hand and know that on the other side you will be stronger. Focus on the fact that if a friend or even maybe a stranger is ever in need, chances are your additional strength will be a blessing to them.

We are all bound to face life delays, no way to avoid that, but on the journeys we take in between each of those delays, we should be cognizant of those around us that may be in need. I know why I am here, through my numerous stops filled with struggles, I have been given strength and blessed by being shown my reason for being….I am to extend the hand of hope, freedom, and the chance to provide one more day of life to my fellow human beings in any way I can.

Whether it is risking my life to save others, providing something to someone so they can get one level closer to achieving a dream, or just being kind to other people. The hand of hope takes on many forms; will you compile all the strength provided to you from your delays and stops in your life and use it for the good of others? Will you extend the hand of hope to others?

I pray that you believe it can be done, if it were not possible, I would not have been able to put these words into print, go ahead, do it, you’re strong enough!

Best regards to all and may your day be blessed!

Mike Daley