Saturday, December 21, 2013

Functioning Efficiently In The Pain Barrier Is What Separates Great Performers From Average Or Poor Performers

The further from the finish line you are WILLING to tolerate distress without slowing down, (no surprise here) you will emerge as the victor because your rival has not mentally conditioned themselves to take the pain.

How do you prepare yourself to deal with the pain? The number one way to deal with what is eventually going to happen, is to totally revamp your attitude and thinking concerning the pain. You are what you think, if your thoughts concerning the pain are of fear, dread, doom and gloom, you significantly reduce your chance of enduring the pain for any significant amount of time, and you SHALL be passed....not maybe....not might....not it is possible...YOU SHALL GET is inevitable! Victory and achievement involve individuals who took chances and went a little berserk in the beginning (in some cases) and did not gamble with what the competition may have brought to the event; you know not the appearance or sound of their program! Apply the above and below to everyday life, and no matter what it is you are seeking, you most certainly are setting yourself up to be worthy of receiving success!

verb: prepare; 3rd person present: prepares; past tense: prepared; past participle: prepared; gerund or present participle: preparing

1. Make something ready for use or consideration....YOURSELF!!

Synonyms: make/get ready, put together, draw up, produce, arrange, assemble, construct, compose, formulate

If the mind can conceive it, and you can believe it, then you can achieve it, if you put it all into action.....AND GET YOURSELF READY BY PUTTING TOGETHER AND FORMULATING A PLAN......YOU CAN WIN!!

Mike Daley

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