Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mike's Motivation

Yesterday was fantastic and I was filled with excitement and the sense of accomplishment. The air was warm and the breeze light and in it a strong sensation of contribution and gratitude. It was felt by many and the reward was far beyond words. It was something that you could not touch or physically see, but the feeling sank deep in the bones.

What was the reward? True human being care and concern for others and a presentation that encouraged and promoted victory; nothing else, no dollar amount, no huge trophy to carry home, just a warm feeling of knowing others were told of the potential that was seen in them.

Taking an honest look at yourself and recognizing how special you are, will allow you to see the positive energy coming from others and you should let them know, maybe what you tell them will open their eyes to the victory that is eager for their arrival. Victory awaits us all, but we must first believe that ourselves.

In order to have someone you are involved with, believe what you say, they must see it in you first, without your positive energy and life, the things you tell others may be gone in the wind and they may never recognize their potential.

So, tell yourself that you are special, believe it, live it, and use that energy and spread it around to your fellow human beings….that is what the Lord allowed me to do yesterday, and more importantly, I pray that it leads someone else to say “This is what the Lord allowed me to do yesterday”!

Best regards to all and may your day be blessed.

Mike Daley

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Shirley A. said...

Seeing potential in other people is a gift that doesn't come from books or from sitting in a lecture hall.

The ability to see potential in others usually is a result of someone seeing potential in YOU at a defining moment in your life.

Those "defining moments" will make a tremendous difference in a person's life!

As a Christian teacher in Christian Education for 35 years, I believe my students could compile a book on Defining Moments in my classroom!

Believe me, Mike, helping a child, a teen, or an adult realize their true potential and see the "light" come on within their eyes is the "pay check" for any Leader!

Of which you are one! Awesome thought for today!