Friday, April 11, 2008

The Silent Crime

Have you ever wondered what true silence is?

I know your mind is racing right now asking, “What kind of question is this”? Of course you know what it means to be silent, but I am going to take you to another level. The American Heritage Dictionary defines silence as this: 1. The condition or quality of being or keeping silent. 2. The absence of sound; stillness. 3. A period of time without speech or noise. 4. Refusal or failure to speak out; secrecy.

All of the above is very true and I am sure all who read this can actually feel silence, yes; I believe you can close your eyes, with no doubts at all, and actually feel it surround you and absorb the peace it brings. However, there is another definition and another side of silence that I think has been left out and I am going to address it.

From the Dictionary of Michael Daley I present to you a new definition of silence. “The biggest crime”, yes my friends you read that right, sometimes silence is the biggest crime because in certain situations, doing nothing is filled with a stillness that does not favor the well being of others.

Our duty to our fellow human beings sometimes begins with opening our mouths and articulating to someone of authority that something wrong has occurred! If we don’t speak out about something we know will help another person, then we become bystanders in this life, and our existence is filled with the wrong kind of silence, and I believe another crime has occurred.

Failing to properly handle information you have in regards to a crime only adds to the crime rate. Fearful, uncertain, and concerned for what may happen to you or what people will think of you should you speak out? All natural feelings of course, but think of it this way.... If you observed a crime being committed that no one else saw, your involvement may be the only way for it to be solved. If you don’t speak up, another crime will be committed.

We all have the right to be silent, however, look at it this way; if you remain silent in regards to a crime, and the people who may have a problem with you because you spoke out won’t even matter, they will be by the way side soon enough. However, your stillness and lack of noise will forever travel with your thoughts….you will never be able to enjoy silence ever again….. Speak up my friends!!

Best regards to all and may your day be blessed.

Mike Daley

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