Monday, January 28, 2008

Mike's Monday Motivation - Delivery

Good Day Friends,

This week’s subject will be delivery.

How do you deliver yourself to others? In other words, the presentation of yourself to people you meet. Is that delivery honest? Is it real? Or is it just to get them in the door?

If the presentation is not honest, once they get in the door, they will see the truth anyway, so be brutally honest with yourself when answering this question.

Take a minute to think about that, we must do an honest assessment of how people see us upon meeting them. They will see what is in our heart. You must grasp your “persona” for what it truly is, once you have honestly evaluated yourself, you can begin to work on the delivery of yourself and become stronger every day.

The health of your mind and heart will determine how you deliver yourself in this life’s journey. I should hope that you would want to deliver happiness, strength, love, and encouragement.

Everyone desires to have things delivered to them in good shape. We enjoy getting packages on our door step that have been properly prepared and shipped with care. We should have the exact same mind set when we deliver ourselves to others in this life, whether in everyday interaction, or in business. And in business, if we have been contacted in regards to the products or service we offer, people expect us to be the total package and we must be prepared and deliver with true compassion.

Are you ready to make the next delivery?

I encourage you to prepare, handle with care, and dare you to make the next delivery the best one yet.

Best regards to all and may your Monday be blessed!

Mike Daley

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