Monday, February 4, 2008

Mike's Monday Motivation - Oversell

Good Day Friends,

This week’s subject will be oversell.

How do you oversell something? Whether it is yourself or a product, there is danger in both. In our world of being enthusiastic entrepreneurs, we must be very careful with “the sale” of our product or ourselves. If we push too hard, no matter what the product, people will turn away from us because we are “selling”.

There are very few people who understand fanatics and enthusiasts; other fanatics and enthusiasts. The rest just have an opinion and we know where that could lead. For the most part, we interact with the general public, who are neither bored nor excited about products, every now and then we come across people who will get excited, but most interaction is monotone.

How about overhauling your thoughts, and go from selling to providing -- the general public likes to be provided for. Simply put the information out there, let the curiosity of the people work in your behalf, be patient, and then begin slowly introducing your excitement to people, it goes back to last week’s topic of delivery.

So, if you find yourself doing the following, the dictionary definition: 1: Contracting to sell more than you can provide, (of yourself or product) 2: To be too eager or insistent to sell something to someone, or 3: To present with excessive or unwarranted enthusiasm, then overhaul your thought process and relax.

If your heart and product are pure and true, you won’t even have to sell anything, let alone be worried of “overselling”.

Best regards to all and may your Monday be blessed!

Mike Daley

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Shirley A. said...

You are so right, Mike. People do not want to "be sold", they want to buy.

When we realize we are "problem solvers" -not "sales" people- there is no desire to get high pitched or overly-excited when talking with people.

Calmly sharing solutions increases our credibility with a person.

Great reminder to put a lid on our zeal. Just help the other person - not ourselves by making a "sale."
Shirley A.