Monday, February 11, 2008

Mike's Monday Motivation - market place

Good Day Friends,

This week’s subject will be market place.

Market place? Yes my friends, you read that right, market place. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, market place is 1. A place in where a market is set up. 2. The world of business and commerce. 3. The figurative place of assembly where works, opinions, and ideas are debated and exchanged.

The market place of ideas. The United States is our market place and we should share our ideas with the entire country. Of course not all will be interested, but the chances of success increase tremendously when we broaden our horizons, and spread our business opinions to others who may have similar interests, or just be interested in the superior product we have to offer.

Where is your market place right now? I know where mine is, and honestly, it is in need of, and is in the process of being expanded. I know what I am going to do to expand my market place.

Do you share the same thoughts? Are you honestly feeling good about your market place? If not, what are you going to do to expand it? I encourage you to take a leap of faith and go after the country.

In order to expand your market place, you have to expand your mind, the market place is big. When a department store makes an announcement in regards to a special, they rely on large store wide speakers to get the word out to everyone, not just a little speaker in a corner of the store for only few to hear. What sound system is being used in your market place?

Come on friends, announce yourself to the market place, you are special and you have special things to offer!

Best regards to all and may your Monday be blessed!

Mike Daley

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