Wednesday, February 20, 2008


As I entered the room, the energy of my vortex consumed all who were near and swept them from their feet into the abyss of success.

A vortex draws into its center all that surrounds it, there are of course bad ones that we must watch out for. Are you smart enough and vigilant enough to avoid being caught up in a whirlpool of mediocrity and failure? I would certainly hope that you are so in tune with your world that you understand the difference.

Many times we see what others are doing and we see it working for them, we immediately get excited and think that we can do it just like they do; however what we are seeing is their energy. Can we duplicate it? Maybe so, but we should focus on creating our own energy, using others as an example is fine, but we must personalize our whirlpool to fit our personality. What works for others, may not, and won’t work for us.

We may be doing the exact same business, but we cannot expect that what has made others successful is going to be our ticket to success. In business, one must constantly revise their plans in order to continue operating successfully, search for a niche if you will. Once a niche is found, you must stick with it in order for the energy to grow, of course you may be able to dip into other areas from time to time, but if you don’t focus on your niche, nothing will ever come; the energy will take an opposite effect and you will have found yourself arriving at “no where” very fast.

With all your heart and soul, focus on creating a positive vortex of your own, and watch the glory and victory pour into your life from above!

Best regards to all and may your day be blessed.

Mike Daley

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Shirley A. said...

So true, Mike! We must find our own purpose and stay focused on our personal niche in this business.

what works for me may not work for you. And what works for you may not work for me.

But it is wonderful to see within the TAAN team that even thought each business partner has their own niche and expertise, we do work together to help each other!

We may have different talents, niches and goals, but we share experiences during our monthly national conference calls and work together to help one another succeed in our own niche.

And THAT gives vortex - energy abundant!

You did fabulous with this topic, Mike! Keep up the great work!